Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Connecting Flight at KLIA2

A week before our flight, there was an article complaint from a passenger flying from Singapore to Brunei who also has the same connecting flight like us (AirAsia via KL). With 1.5 hours layover (in theory), any delay from Changi side will surely reduce the 1.5 hrs buffer time.  Hence we are already anticipating some risk of missing our connecting flight, especially AirAsia support staff advices us that we must get out of immigration (which is not really true) before connecting to Brunei flight.  

by: KLIA2
As preventive measure, we have read all available materials at website of KLIA2, this map was useful-
On the actual day of our flight, the boarding time was on-time, however, we seated inside the aircraft for almost 1 hour yet the aircraft still haven't moved!  As the pilot has announced, they were waiting for the control tower to schedule our take-off sequence. 

From the Changi runway, there was almost 5 aircraft ahead of us, queuing for take off.

After the agony of waiting, finally we flew at 1120am (original flight was suppose to be 1030)  -

While on board, we have notified the AirAsia stewards about our connecting flight to Brunei (in which stipulated boarding gate closes at 1250), thank you to the kind stewardess for allowing us to transfer to the front row seat during the descent, which gave us priority to disembark the aircraft first.

Almost an hour later, at 1210 we have landed at KLIA2.

Running out of the connecting bridge into the arrival hall,

We have to run up an inclined platform (similar to Changi Budget terminal before).

 The first signboard to transfer hall / arrival area - 

 Then walk further straight, and turn left side

Then following the signboard  into the transfer hall - somewhere at the left -

There is an escalator at the left-side of the transfer counter, proceed that way to go up for security check -

Then we proceed to boarding gate assigned. You can ask the service info counter for the gate assigned in case it has changed.

We have to take another escalator down, to pass through another security check at the boarding wing (Gates L) -

Finally, arrive in our departure gate!

Total time transferring from arrival to departure gate (include running) was 20 minutes!

Since there was 30 mins left before departure time (plane was also delayed), we had time to roam around and explore the new terminal.

Plaza premium lounge is already open, beside L8 , but priority pass member not yet accepted. Local credit cards : Amex Platinum, UOB, etc, are accepted.  However, there are affordable food stalls around (2 MYR) , so you will never get hungry/thirsty.

Good luck to all travelers passing through KLIA2! It is a great modern airport.  To read the rest of our Brunei trip, click here.

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