Sunday, August 3, 2014

NDP 2014 - Our People Our Home

Being a Singapore PR for 6 year, I tried my luck in online balloting for 2014 - Singapore National Day Parade (NDP), while filling out the online ballot, I purposely chose to be in preview show. Since I knew the chances of getting balloted is higher for preview show than during the actual day - August 9.


Last June, I received an SMS notification that I have been one of the lucky winners! So, I have picked up the tickets at Marina Floating platform.

On the day itself, exactly a week before the actual NDP, we are privileged to attend the NDP Preview show.

The crowd control was impressive, dividers were sufficiently provided to ensure smooth flow of spectators.

Upon entering, we first went to get the fun pack, 

by NDP 2014 Official Site

To know the list of items included in the fun pack, you can refer to the official NDP2014 website.

Then proceed to the seating gallery, and at exactly 5:30 PM the show started. 

The hosts for the preview show were: Hossan Leong, Jean Danker, Joakim Gomez, Siti Khalijah, and Ebi Shankara.

They were successful in warming up the crowd, to become lively and join them in singing/dancing.  Kallang wave were also performed by the crowd.

And the show begins with the sky divers from the Red Lions,


Entry of the colors,

The Singapore National Anthem was specially sang, while the flag was flown by 3 Chinook helicopters.

The introduction of MPs were quite fun, since it was only a simulation, some random volunteers act as the MPs, hence the crowd were laughing every time the member of parliaments were introduce.  

However, everybody was surprise with the introduction of the Speaker of Parliament - Mdm Halimah Yacob, it was the real person this time! She conducted the inspection, which is followed by the gun salute.

An exhibition of the equipment and battle capability were demonstrated by the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defense Force.

As the sky darkened, the lighting toys included in the fun pack were used! and the lively performance of 4 Acts were presented on the stage.


Each acts where ended by fireworks on the stage.


Act 2 - LOVE IT!

Act 3 - LIVE IT!

 Act 4 - BE IT!

And off-course, the most awaited fire works, 

Here is a video highlights during the NDP2014 Preview Show -

This year's NDP Show recognizes the can-do and caring spirit of our people and celebrates our everyday Singaporeans who build our nation.  This year's multilayer production tells the story of our people and our home as we celebrate our 49th National Day.   Happy Birthday Singapore!

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