Saturday, November 1, 2014

Choo Choo Chicken

Choo Choo Chicken is a Korean chicken shop located at Bali Lane, near Arab street, walking distance from Bugis MRT.

We availed the Groupon voucher: 24 sgd for a food voucher worth of 40sgd.

No appointment is accepted, so we just walked in, and arriving at 730 pm, the place is packed, and there was a short queue outside.

Few minutes of waiting, and we are able to have a table. We ordered -

Choo Choo Tuna Rice

This rice dish which looks like a giant Sushi roll, is compose of seaweed, cold mayonnaise, tuna, taste is mild which is ideal for eating together with their flavorful chicken.

We ordered, 1 whole chicken - which was divided into two flavors : soy and spicy

The soy chicken is tasty, with a hint of sweetness

Soy Chicken

The spicy chicken, which is their best seller according to their staff.  

Spicy Chicken

Aside from spicy taste, it also has a hint of sweetness, but what I enjoyed most is its crispy coating which got a nacho chips flavor.

Cold Barley Tea

I enjoyed dining here, and our total cost is exactly SGD 40, what's best is it is tax free!  Hence, our verdict is, we would surely consider dining here if got the similar promotion.

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