Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Weekend Trip to Bali

Our flight from Singapore to Bali on a Saturday evening was via  KLM, the timing was not ideal, but the promo fare was cheaper than other budget airlines, hence we grab this flight; considering its full flight, which includes checked-in luggage and meals on board.  

Our flight experience was really good, the aircraft we rode was new and clean.  I love the individual entertainment monitor, which is touch screen, with available USB charger,  aside form the earphone socket.

KLM only has 1 flight to Bali per day, originating from Amsterdam and a layover in Singapore, before arriving Bali.

Upon arrival in Denpasar airport, we were fetched by the Swiss-Bel Hotel Tuban shuttle bus (it is complimentary if you book via their official website).  The trip to the hotel was only 10 minutes.

The evening weather was very humid, good thing the hotel provides cold towels for us to freshen up.  They also give welcome drinks voucher.

Would suggest guests to choose the room with pool view, 

Because one of the attraction in this hotel was their swimming pool.

Pool water is heated, hence its relaxing to swim anytime of the day.

We use their pool on our 2nd day, to freshen up from the warm weather.

However, on the negative side, on the  night of our arrival there was an ongoing event across the hotel which generates loud music until midnight, hence we can't sleep soundly on our first night.  But the rest of our stay was fine.

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