Thursday, October 1, 2015

Vung Tau a Scenic Coastal Town

Vung Tau city is located in the south of Vietnam, situated at the tip of a small peninsula. It has traditionally been a significant port, particularly during Vietnam's period of French rule.  

Today, the city's importance as a shipping port has diminished, but it still plays a significant role in Vietnam's offshore oil industry.

Vũng Tàu is the only petroleum base of Vietnam where crude oil and natural gas exploitation activities dominate the city's economy and contribute principal income to Vietnam's budget and export volume. 

We were fetched from our hotel at 06:30 am by a hired van.  On the way, we had a short stop at Thuong Chieu Monestary Zen center for a short break. 

Built in August of 1974. It locates in Phuoc Thai village of Dong Nai province.

That day there were many visitors in the temple compound, all were wearing grey and yellow,  


we heard that they are commemorating the founder's death anniversary.

Children have partially shaved hair, while adults are fully shaved.  Seeing these kids in a suburban place, looks like a summer camp in Buddhist temple!

Upon our arrival to Vung Tau, we drove along Back beach and stop at the foot of the mountain, which we climb up the 1000 steps to see Jesus 's Statue. 

The sun rays seems cooperating that time, which looks like the halo of Jesus radiates form the sky.

We climb inside the statue for the best view of Vung Tau.

Dress code to enter the statue, and lunch time were strictly observed.

On the way to the summit there are some interesting sights of Christian sculptures:

After climbing down, we look for the Ganh Hao seafood restaurant to have our lunch, read more here.

After our lunch, we pass by the back beach.  Here at back beach is much wider and swim-able while front beach is where boats are moored.

Front beach with a short stop at the fishing village for you to take photos of the fishing boat.

After the lunch, we stop at the White Palace, few meters from cable car station.  There is an entrance fee of 5000 vnd, rest house of the last king of Vietnam.

The interior of the house museum is quite old, and some furniture fixtures are already aged.

Our last stop that afternoon was at Whale Temple for a short visit.  

The temple also house the Chinese Goddess of the sea.
On the way back to Ho Chi Minh City, along the highway we stop over at a market selling cows milk, cow meat product, and various fruits. 

Locals flock this Long Thanh product market.   They are famous for the cow / dairy products.  Long Thành is a township in Long Thành District, Đồng Nai Province, southern Vietnam, 70 km northwest of Vũng Tàu.

This ends our day-trip. Read next article about the panorama of HCMC.

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