Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bangkok - A Culinary Playground

During our one night stop over in Bangkok - on the way to Mandalay, we tasted a wide range of gastronomic food within a span of 16 hours! From Wet Market food stalls,  to a fine dining - Thai restaurant. 

After arriving at Suvarnabhumi airport, we drove to ASIATIQUE, to have a dinner.

Before heading to the restaurant, we had a 45 minutes stop at a Muay Thai Show in Asiatique.  

The show starts at 8 pm, but we arrived at half past 8pm, hence the ticket booth gave us a discounted entry fee of 500 THB.  Full ticket fee was 1000 THB.


At first, I was only expecting a traditional boxing ring in an arena, but I was wrong! 

It involves actors, and stage performances, the entire show actually has a story line inspired from the discipline and application of this ancient martial arts for the modern times.

After an enjoyable Muay Thai show, we had dinner at a restaurant that specializes traditional Thai food. 

Name: Baan Kanitha
Location: Asiatique, Riverfront

One of our favorite Thai food is off-course - is their Stir-fried rice noodle with tiger prawn.

Phad Thai Khung Lai Sua

The tasty Spicy Prawn Soup with Lemongrass, Galangal and Mushrooms

Tom Yam Khung Lai Sua

Their Tom Yam is really well adjusted to the foreigner's taste bud, its not too spicy.

Their assorted vegetables with fish platter with shrimp paste sauce -

Mix Vegetable and Fish Platter

After a sumptuous dinner, we stroll along the riverside to enjoy the night scenes.

Some interesting sites in Asiatique, 

Had same atmosphere as Clark Quay, but here it was much  wider free space,

The following morning we passed by Chatuchak area to have a breakfast nearby, it was the vegetarian hawker : Chamlong’s Asoke (จำลอง (สันติอโศก).  This is a convenient, and affordable place to eat vegetarian Thai food when you’re in Bangkok.

For hygienic reasons, cash bills are not accepted by the food stalls, so you have to buy this food coupons in different denomination to serve as your paper bill.

The beverage I enjoyed most is from this stall, I ordered Chrysanthemum tea, its so refreshing.

We shared different platters of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, noodle soups - all healthy breakfast!

A unique dish here is this combination of different beans/ corns / barley / sweet potato -  its their version of High Fiber breakfast!

This was our last stop before taking our flight to Mandalay from DMK airport.
I am very thankful to my Aunt and cousins who brought us around and accommodated us despite our short stay.  Without them, we will never discover these gastronomic  places.

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