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Trang - Food Adventure

Trang is famous for their roast pork, dim-sum and cakes!  Is it ironic for Dim-sum to be a specialty dish in this part of Thailand? It is because there are several Chinese descendants living in Trang.

They even have the annual - Trang Food Festival, which is held to promote dishes of Trang province renowned as the city of food lovers.  There are a myriad of food stalls of Trang restaurants offering dishes at discounted prices. Various kinds of food including Chinese, Thai and local meals, as well as seafood are available. 

So during our vacation, one of our goal is to find the best food in town while riding on a motorbike!  

Day 1 - Lunch - 

Immediately after we got our rental motorbike (for 100 THB / day), we drove to a nearby Chinese tea shop for lunch.

Name: Tong Ya Restaurant 
Location: Kan Tang Road opposite Khunvisade Alley
Total Bill: 140 THB

The place reminds me of those coffee shops around Penang.

Mixed Pork Noodle Soup

What's special about this noodle soup is the crunchy roasted pork, and the pork blood.  The base soup is rich like herbal tonic soup.

Chicken + Duck Rice
Char Shew + Chicken Ball Noodle Soup

Day 1 - Snack / Coffee Break

After riding almost 100 Km in motorbike to Thamle Khao Khob and roundtrip back to Trang City, we pampered ourselves in this modern Coffee shop, for some comfort food.

Location: 354/1 ถ.ห้วยยอด ต.ทับเที่ยง อ.เมือง ตรัง 92000, Thailand
Total Bill - 270 THB

Finding this place is like an oasis for us, specially after a sunny afternoon ride along the express way.

Ice Lemon Tea, Black Coffee  and a Pot of complimentary Hot Tea

Rainbow Crepe Cake

Banana Crepe Cake

Day 1 - Dinner

Name: Trang Night Market
Total Bill - estimated around 100 THB per pax

Any food that looks appetizing are what we had for dinner, around the night market of Trang.  It is situated on a side street beside the City Hall.  Just ask around and you won't get lost.

Day 2 - Breakfast - 

For our second day, we are joining the 4-Island Tour package, and meeting place is near the Train Station. Hence, we look for a dim-sum shop around that area.

Name: Ton Noon Dim Sum 
Location: 202 Pad Sathani Rd and 122 Pattalung Rd. 
Total Bill - 370 THB

Outside the shop, there is a display of all the dim-sums available, and you are free to choose and hand it to the staff who will heat your food in the steamer basket

Assorted Dim-sum

One of the tasty dim-sum which we enjoyed eating, is this pair of pan friend pork and salted egg buns (Pao).

Another highlight of our breakfast is having this crispy roasted pork which tasted like Char Shew, it is really tasty and juicy.

Ton Noon Crispy Roast Pork

Day 2 - Lunch - Beach Picnic

After two islands (Koh Cheuk and Koh Ma) snorkeling trip, we had lunch stop at Koh Ngai beach resort - we don't have any choice, since its part of the island-tour package.  

Apologies for not having photos of the dishes (Fish Curry, Fried Chicken, Noodles, Rice, Veggies).  Hunger first before photos!

Day 2 - Snack / Coffee Break

After arriving back to Trang, we look for a coffee shop nearby the train station (our drop off point), 

Name: Sin O Cha
Location: Right side of Trang Train Station
Bill for a cup of Coffee - 20 THB

Right beside the railway station, one of the best coffee in town. Formerly "Sin Jiaw", it was renovated a few year ago into a modern Ko Pii Shop.

If you get to Trang by train, here is a convenience place to take a breath before heading to explore Trang.

We also ate some fruits bought from the nearby wet market: Durian (30 THB) and Pomelo (10 THB), as expected fruits were all sweet and fresh. 

Day 2 - Seafood Dinner 

For dinner, we asked around among locals, which of the seafood restaurant is famous around Robinsons mall area.  The unanimous suggestions among locals was this place - 

Name: "Punim" local dialect for "Softshell Crab".

Locating this place is quite tricky, since there is no english signboards, and we only rely on the direction from the security guard from Robinsons Mall.

Total bill - 290 THB

Prawn Rice Set

This was the most spicy tom yam I ever had in Thailand.  Taste is really for locals, not for tourist though.

Prawn Tom Yam

Soft shell crab (Punim)

The specialty of Punim - off-course is the SoftShell Crab, which looked very appetizing, but sad to say I am allergic to all crabs.  Though I enjoyed the toasted garlic!

Last Breakfast -

During our last day, we also received suggestions from hotel staff and travel company, and the nearest dim-sum shop from our hotel was - Lay Trang 2.  Again, we rely on the direction given by the locals, and riding a motorbike, we successfully found it!

Name: Lay Trang 2 
Location: Behind a hospital, after crossing the City hall block.
Total Bil : 340 THB

Likewise, its better to go out and point the specific dim-sums you want for breakfast.

Their assorted dim-sums were also delicious, but costs was a bit higher than our previous day's breakfast.

Lay Trang Assorted Dim-sum

Another crispy roast pork dish, which has a milder flavor than Ton Noon's. But still tasted like char shew but with crispy skin! Yum! 

Lay Trang Crispy Roast Pork

Another dish worthy of highlighting is their crab roll which is stuffed generously with real crab meat.

Stuffed Crab Roll

I consider this crab dish special, because I never had allergic reaction to it!

Inside of Stuffed Crab Roll

Overall, our vacation in Trang was made extra special because of these gastronomic dishes! All of them have satisfied our cravings, which makes me thought of coming back to Trang, to try more varieties of their dishes.  Maybe someday, given a chance.

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