Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Trang - Land Adventure

With an abundance of blissful attractions mixed with cultural heritage, Trang Province is truly a fascinating tourist destination with numerous jungles, mountains, waterfalls, and beaches.

Upon landing we took an airport shuttle to bring us to the city. (90 Thb per pax)

After checking in at Garden Hill Mansion, we asked the lobby receptionist where to hire transport to move around, they refer us to the Train Station area.

Hence, we hired a motorcycle to bring us to Trang train station, the trip costs us 40thb.

We found this travel company, and rented a motorbike and a 1 day island hopping tour (the next day) with total costs of 1,500 THB (60 SGD for 2 pax).

After hiring our motorbike, we drove to a nearby hawker to have our meal.  Refer here for our food adventure in Trang.

We then drove 5-10 Km to find the  Khao Kop Cave (Tham Le Khao Kop).  

Navigating through the highway was quite smooth,  since the road is just straight from the city.  However, we still have to ask around for direction just in case we missed / or lost our way.

Finally, we reached our destination after an hour!

Entrance is 300 THB per boat, and make sure to promise your boatman that you will give good tip to ensure that they will spare you from pain! (find out later why).

This place consists of series of caves navigable by small boat, there were 2 boat stop in between, 


Each stop allows us to alight and walk through, 

the first cave was smaller than 2nd cave we visited that afternoon.

Sad to see some of the Stalactites, were broken perhaps by the visitors.  This reminds us to be responsible tourist - Take nothing but pictures!

After the 2nd cave, we return to our boat, the guide reminded us to lay flat,

the next tunnel has the lowest ceiling, and I was positioned to seat on the right side, only to realize after that because my friend which is bigger in size will be more difficult to pass through the lowest point of the tunnel at right side of the cave.

The entire experience was literally hair brushing and visually scary.  I saw the stalactites within few centimeters from my face,  

I was initially more concerned that my eyeglasses might get scratches, so I adjusted my upper body to be lower, but at one point my knees, hips, waist - were squeezed throughout almost 1 meter portion of the cave, and only to discover these bruises - after we exited the cave.

At the exit of the cave, there was a Buddhist altar, probably to thank God that we are still alive.

They also sell some fish to be release in the water as sign of good karma (to free up ones life).

Driving back to Trang City, we had a snack at a coffee shop. Before heading at our second place of attraction.

Driving 10 Km south of Trang on highway 404, to  direction of of Satun. We arrived at Peninsular Botanical Garden/ Thung Khai.


It was an educational experience to be here, learning that there are different layers of a forest, and different wildlife found at each layer!

After the canopy walkway, we just walk strait to the Swamp forest trail, and eventually leading back to the main exit / entrance.

As we return to the city, there are other notable sights that we saw while riding on a motorbike,

Trang City Hall and Clock Tower, Dugong fountain.


Trang is a small city, which is ideal for independent travelers to drive on your own.  Hope you will also enjoy your visit in this quaint and beautiful city.

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