Saturday, August 1, 2015

Trang - Sea Adventure

Trang has both mainland beaches and a whole string of offshore islands; the province features an archipelago in the Andaman Sea consisting of more than 46 islands.

We were picked up by a van and traveled for an hour from Trang City to the seaport.

While waiting for the boat, we were told to join the group of 20 other Chinese tourist from Xichuan, 

According to the travel company, everyday they receive china tourists who covers all the Thailand's major islands around the Andaman sea, their itinerary is usually phuket - krabi -trang -phuket.

    Trang to Phuket is 4 hrs drive
    Trang to Krabi is 1 hr drive
    Krabi to Phuket is 3 hrs

As I've learned from their group leader, mainland Chinese loves spending their holidays to these islands because they hardly have any sea / beach front in China.

Double deck boat from pier,

after 1hr boat ride on rough Andaman sea, we had our first stop at -

Koh Chueuk, there is no sand beach, but just limestone islets, 

There, the underwater corals, fish w/ stripes was beautiful, but not as pretty as those in Palawan, Philippines

For the second snorkeling spot, we went to -

Koh Ma
The rock formation almost similar to Koh Cheuk, but water is more deep, have jellyfishes, and blue fishes,


Our last stop for the sea adventure was - 
Koh Ngai island resort - with a long stretch of white sand, during that day the wind and waves are strong, and high tide, so the beach front have rough waves.

We were not able to see emerald cave due to strong wave

After returning to Trang City, we hired a motorbike for another day, so that we can visit more places, specially those eating places which were recommended to us by the locals.

We visited the temple - Wat Tantayapirom - near train station, it has white pagoda (white like wedding cake),

Near market, where we bought Durian, Pomelo, and some native cakes which Trang is famous for.  Read more about the tasty dishes we had, in this blog Trang-Food Adventure.

Lastly, we went back to hotel to freshen up before going for dinner.

This ends our Sea adventure in Trang.  Overall, the Andaman Sea in Trang has decent waters for snorkeling and diving. I would have been more satisfied if we push through with the original plan to stop by the Morakot (Emerald) Cave.

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