Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Le Méridien Sentosa Staycation

Le Méridien Singapore, Sentosa invites guests to immerse in carefree island life amid the lush surroundings of Singapore’s offshore playground, Sentosa. Located in the center of Sentosa, staying here is a great base to explore the lively city.

We had the chance to book a room from Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa at a discounted rate.  However 2 days before the check-in date, there was an announcement that it has been re-branded into Le Meridien Sentosa Singapore.  Well, initially I thought that it might affect our advance reservation, but their timely notice to ensure that everything is still as planned.

Good thing the previous arrangements, and requests were all taken cared off, in fact the staff were also the same as before, hence it was purely change of hotel ownership.

The hotel is situated opposite Imbiah Station, or more famous landmark is the Merlion:

On a Saturday morning, we were excited to check-in early hence we arrive around 11 am.

The main entrance has a quaint pathway that leads down to the reception desk on the right.

While the swimming pool area is at the left side of the alley.

The reception was courteous to tell us that the room are still being prepared, and  that we can come back at around 2 pm. Hence, we decided to leave our luggage and take an early lunch first.

We headed back to the main island to hav our lunch at Marche, Vivo City,
Swiss Breakfast Set: Rosti, Bacon, Sausage, Egg
Swiss Rosti Breakfast Set, and Vegetables
Chowder Soup with Garlic Bread

After a hearty lunch, we intend to take the monorail back to the island, however there was a technical fault and all guests were directed to take the RWS8 bus at the bus stop.  Since the queue was very long, and the weather started to shower we decided to take a cab.  

Good thing the entrance fee of 6 Sgd is waived for hotel guests, we just have to show the email confirmation from the hotel.

During the check-in, there is a small table for refreshments for guests, which was a good sign of their service.

The hotel room Deluxe was located in their new building wing, the atmosphere is zen type. Large feature window facing the sea, and a small forested area.

The bathroom was big, and we love the separate shower closet from the bath tub, so even 2 person can bathe simultaneously. 

The bath soaps and shampoo were nicely kept in a bamboo steamer,

Another highlight of the room was the Nespresso machine, which is complimentary for use,

That afternoon, we had an afternoon nap first before exploring new attractions in the island.

The window's double curtain was really useful and effective, our room was in a total darkness once the shade was fully downed, another plus for this hotel.

After,a refreshing nap, we headed to monorail Beach Station and took Bus 1, to be sent to Fort Siloso.  

This is where the cable car station is situated, and the underwater world (which was closing down by 2016). 

New attraction (free entrance) is the Skyview tower, which has a glass bottom flooring, 

and this high point have the vantage view of the Sentosa Beach, and Reflections by the Bay.

Next, we went to the western part of the island, the Quayside Isle, where W hotel was located.  

I just learned that this hotel is under the same management as the Le Meridien, which is the Starwood Hotels.

Walking along the boardwalk, there are several motorboats, yachts, which I think are mostly used or owned by the foreign expats.  

Maybe one day, we can try to board one of those boats!

Last stop was a dinner along the boardwalk, Greek restaurant Mykonos .

The fish and beef lasagna we had were all tasted good, but pricey, total bill 79 Sgd.

Heading back to our hotel, the night scene is even more beautiful,

Returning back to our hotel room, another surprise awaits, 

Yes! this was a complimentary gift by the hotel, since I mentioned during our booking, that we are celebrating our anniversary.  Excluding those cards off course.

The following morning, we decided to have a deep in their quaint pool before heading for breakfast.  We had the pool entirely by our-selves!

We had our breakfast at Tablescape inside the hotel.  

This is probably the highlight of staying in this hotel, the food was not as plenty choice as other high-end hotels, but the quality and taste of all dishes in their menu were very good.

Assorted pastries, Croissant with Salad

Dimsum, porridge, assorted oriental menu

This ends our weekend staycation in Le Meridien Hotel Sentosa.  Hope you enjoyed reading this blog, until the next post!

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